ASQ Strategic Plan

Strategic Objectives
  1. Accelerate growth

  2. Increase impact

  3. Achieve operational excellence


What ASQ must do to achieve expected growth, impact and operational excellence, and ealize the 2020 goals (2016-2020)

  1. Global expansion – Leverage the ASQ brand to increase market share worldwide, emphasizing growth in current and new ASQ markets

  2. Membership transformation- Serve the needs of individuals around the world to ensure their professional success through membership, products, and services.

  3. Growing organizations- Serve the needs of organizations around the world providing quality solutions to increase impact through membership, products, and services.

  4. QBOK leadership- Design and develop relevant, innovative offerings that directly influence how our customers practice quality.

  5. Operational excellence- Empower employees, collaborate with member leaders and design and deploy reliable systems with technology that provide an exceptional customer experience.

  6. Gift of quality- Enhance the ASQ brand by supporting the use of quality to make the world a better place.

ASQ Hawaii Section


Promote business excellence in Hawaii & spreading knowledge is our core mission.

  • Provide better value to our members via ASQ certification prep classes, Individual development classes in Technical areas, corporate classes.

  • Develop partnerships to help promote the ASQ brand and quality in Hawaii.

Business Plan/ Strategy
Global Expansion
  1. Partner with Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

Action Plan: Short term

a. Partner with Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

b. Participate in annual Manufacturing Day event in October

c. Teach Baldrige excellence criteria to local businesses

Action Plan: Long term

a. Public workshops/ breakfast meetings with Hawaii COC partner

b. Reinstitute annual Leadership/ Quality Conference

Membership Transformation
   3.  Provide better value for members through continued education
   4.  Provide study group service to members for certification exams

Action Plan: Short term

a. CM-QA workshop agenda

b. CMQ-OE workshop agenda

c. Organizational Quality workshop Agenda

d. ASQ Instructor Validation

Action Plan: Long term: Future workshops



Growing Organizations
   5.  Grow section by expanding diversity

a. Expand diversity of Program to attract more members

b. Develop program ideas based on VOC

QBOK Leadership

   7.  Establish a Quality Institute

a. Establish Quality Institute for local small business, startups & non-profits


   8.  Expand Baldrige excellence criteria to local businesses

a. Establish workshop agenda

b. Market for membership, partners, public entity

Operational Excellence

   9.  Integrate Education, Program, Certification, Re-certification & membership roles and responsibilities

Action Plan: Short term

a. Eliminate stovepipes – get Chairs to collaborate towards common goal

b. Develop Marketing & Communication Plan

   10.  Document Section Processes

Action Plan: short term

a. Each Chair documents their processes

b. Secretary loads to Share point

c. Provide Share point access to all Chairs

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